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Have you ever had too much electricity lying around and thought to yourself, "I should host some game servers like the good ol' days.". Well That's what happened here. You might subscribe to the motto of just because you can do something, doesn't mean that you should, but that sounds lame. This site is also a good excuse to mess around with some fancy new technology like the internet: This site is 100% organic and self-hosted*.

A Sticker of a Very Sad Controller Having A Bad Day

Games (If crossed out, chances are, that we're not playing them).

Game Server Version Password
Valheim valheim.hotca.ca:2456 2020.3.45f1 * * * * * *
Terraria terraria.hotca.ca:7780 1.4.1 * * * * * *
Conan: Age of Sorcery barbarian.hotca.ca:7777 1.0.0 * * * * * *
V-Rising v-rising.hotca.ca 1.0.0 * * * * * *
Astroneer astroneer.hotca.ca 0.8.12 * * * * * *

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